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“If you think your amp simulator or amp modeller hardware or software sounds good, is because you never heard how a real amp should sound like.”


Guitar Reamping

Reamping its a recording technique that makes use of pre-recorded unprocessed signal from the instrument (electric guitar) to be played at a later time through guitar amps cabinets and effects as if the pre-recorded sound was the actual player performing in real time.
That gives you the advantage of being able to make changes to the set up at any stage of the music production or recording process.

In our reamping service we make use of the most sought after amplifiers and stomp distortions and effects, both vintage and modern that allow us to achieve virtually any sound you might be looking for.

We also developed techniques that include the detailed records (logs) of every work studio layout with exact measurements of gear and equipment's position in the room, micking positioning and every single piece of gear used to process your guitars.

This is a list of some of our gear


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